Dream BIG!!

Dream BIG | Be on FIRE | Live with passion | Let God create your destiny | Pursue your Calling ❤️ God has been re-convening with me as of recent about the passions, dreams & calling that He has placed over my life; He desires to do the same with you. We all have dreams; it is not a coincidence that your heart loves certain things so very much and they come very naturally to you. The passions on your heart were meant to be there and bring GLORY to HIM~!! Maybe you have put certain hopes & dreams on hold because you don't ever see them coming to pass. You may be unsure or even doubt that God would imprint such a vision on your heart to complete (believe me I know how you feel!!), but He has chosen YOU!! It's time to finally settle the plan that God has placed inside of you!! TODAY IS THE DAY!!! BOOM!! I am encouraging you to journal it out and pray over it fervently; because if God has placed it there, He will be faithful to bring it to pass~!! Pray. Pray. Pray. When His timing is right; which I am currently seeing now in my own life, He will be faithful in leading you exactly where you are meant to be~!! This is only the beginning and the very best is still yet to come~!! 

"Commit your ways to the Lord in everything that you do, and He Will establish your plans" Proverbs 16:3 

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