How are you FEELING?

As I drove to work this morning; I was praying/having conversation with God (the way I love to start my mornings) & He immediately brings the word “FEELINGS” into my mind. Stunned; I ask “Okay, God……where exactly are you going with this?” I had a very quick answer come over my Spirit; like a gentle breeze, but this kind of “gentle breeze” was meant to hit me right square in the face (a peaceful, yet correcting reminder from God). The answer was this:

“Tiffany, you cannot allow your FEELINGS to control you” ……………… HUH? Say WHAT?! God loves me & he loves you too. He “disciplines” us as His children, as a parent would correct their child; for me, I literally have to be SMACKED IN THE FACE with it sometimes. He created me & loves me for who I am (the one that LOVES to do everything the hard way, LOL!)

The more I prayed about it; the more God was leading me to the realization, that at times (especially of recently)……I had been letting my feelings control the outcome of my behavior; with how I treat others and even MYSELF. Following Christ is all about being clothed in righteousness & living your life according to God’s Word; not how you may necessarily be FEELING at any given moment. You’ve heard the phrase “Feelings are Fickle”. This would be in how I act toward my fiancé, my family, my daughter, my friends, my coworkers, in not some of my best moments. I’m generally always a very HAPPY & CHEERFUL Godly woman, but there are times that I may be having a “not so desirable type of day” & it may spew out of me and onto the individuals I am closest to. (Now I KNOW you all know where I am coming from). How many of you have had a couple of those (or many more) “crazy, frantic, in a hurry & running late…..pack up the kids and throw everything into the car” kind of mornings; they leave you feeling pretty on edge & nothing less than unhappy (not to mention the nice individual that may ACCIDENTALLY cut you off while driving to your destination)……don’t even get me started……I’m just being raw, real & honest with you here. I struggle just like everyone else; even being a Christian Woman following Christ, things aren’t magically all better for me…….we are all HUMAN & we all need help (a Godly standard to follow).

We’ve ALL been there, we’ve ALL allowed our situations to control our feelings & our feelings to determine how we behave or react to others. It’s what I/You are going to DO about it, is what truly matters. Really THINK about the last time you may have had a bad day (you might be having one today) or accidentally snapped at someone (family, coworker, stranger), now think about what would have happened in that moment if you had put how you were feeling aside & placed yourself directly in the shoes of that individual; I can tell you, it would have had a completely different outcome. This morning; as God was bringing a couple of these instances to my mind, I asked for forgiveness & was lead to this scripture ~“A fool lets it all hang out; a sage quietly mulls it over” Proverbs 29:11~ This means that if we took just a moment to guard that golden rule “treat others the way you’d like to be treated”, our fickle feelings would consistently be falling to the waste side & the end result is a happier YOU, a happier life & a happier environment for others when they come in contact with you. We all look so much more inviting when we S-M-I-L-E & it just feels so good to be happy!!

It’s time to take off our “spiritual diapers” & place on our “spiritual adult pants” & use self-control (following God’s precepts). Coming from my very own daily experiences; sometimes this is so much harder to accomplish than you would think, and that is where the best part comes in……WE DON’T HAVE TO ATTEMPT THIS ALONE. We have a best friend that is right there; ready and willing to extend grace, just waiting for us to ask Him for help. God WANTS you to be happy, to see you succeed & to help you when the “going gets REALLY tough” & you just want to shut everyone out and shelter yourself during those moments when undesirable feelings arise. I don’t know about you; but I have accepted God’s correction, and it’s time for me to be consistent with my happiness ALL of the time; not just when I FEEL like it. (following the leading of God’s example).

I will always share my heart; you’ll get nothing but raw, real & honest from me, I don’t know how to be any other way. Love you all! We are running this race TOGETHER!! BOOM!!

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