Choosing JOY over circumstance

Each and every morning; from the time we open our tired sleepy eyes, our mind begins the bombardment of our daily plans and schedules. Sometimes it feels like a wave of craziness and expectation, overwhelming at times for certain. In the midst of the chaotic "to-do" list; there is an unspeakable JOY available to us, in the name and authority of Jesus that we possess as those who love Him. A JOY that restores and is beyond our human understanding, being completely at peace in the hustle of the day; knowing that God goes before you and is also right beside you every step of the way. Now seriously, THAT is R-E-F-R-E-S-H-I-N-G!! Ask God to fill your Spirit with JOY, and He will; immeasurably more than you'll be expecting.....He's pretty much incredibly amazing like that! Running this race with you! Love you all! ~Tiffany~

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